Day 93


The sword is sometimes just what is needed. Luckily, there is always one at hand in my house (a benefit of being married to a fencer, or rather an EX-fencer).

Day 92


A gorgeous day, warm and sunny, visiting a friend in Ojai. When I spotted this cow, I couldn’t help but stop and introduce her to the pencil. She didn’t seem impressed.

Day 91


For those of you who followed my last 100 Days photo challenge, you may recognize the composition with Agave.
Boy those suckers are sharp!

Day 90


Black shiny beetle!

Day 89


Now that the pencil is in two pieces, I feel I have a bit more artistic freedom. And I see, looking back over this project, that I lean towards the abstract or ambiguous.

Day 88


A shot of San Jose. Can you believe it?

Day 87


Time to go, people.