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Day 100 !!


DAY 100
The End.

The end of the pencil and the end of my project.
Thank you for paying attention.


Day 99


A hundred little decisions are made before a photo is posted. Some directly affect the image (where to put the damn pencil, lighting, shadows, film and lens, angle, perspective, timing). Others are subtle, indirect (What to have for breakfast, which socks to put on)
I just loved this moment of leaf shadows on my Meyer Lemon.

Only one day left. Stay tuned for the Grand Finale…

Day 98


This a clay sculpture I made way back when. A perfect spot for hide-and-seek.

Day 97


Add a splash of Dali to the mix. It can only improve things.

Day 96


This is Cabaji, the cat who chews pencils. At the moment, he is merely casting it a glance askew.

Day 95


Your move.

Day 94


Pencil meets Glass.
In 2009 I did my first 100 Days photo challenge, with a Glass being my object. It endured several hardships, and perhaps one day it will take its rightful place in the blogosphere. For now, it must be satisfied with a cameo.